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The Mayflower development plan was approved by Wasatch County in August 2018. That same year, Wasatch County worked with the State of Utah and its representative Military Installation Development Authority (MIDA) to designate Mayflower jurisdiction to MIDA.


MIDA is an “authority” created by the Utah Legislature in 2007 to facilitate the development of military land in Utah. It serves a dual role of helping strengthen the military presence in Utah while stimulating the state’s economy. 


The overarching project of MIDA is referred to as The Morale Welfare Recreation Facility Hotel and Conference Center (MWR,) or Conference Hotel is located within the overarching project area of MIDA. MIDA is the governing authority for the MWR.


Specifically, MIDA was created to act as an independent, nonprofit, separate body corporate and politic, with perpetual succession and statewide jurisdiction, whose purpose is to facilitate the development of military land in a project area; exercise exclusive agency power within a project area including the collection of regulatory fees; receive tax increment and other taxes and fees; and issue bonds to finance the undertaking of any development objectives of the authority. 


The purpose of the proposed MIDA project area is to provide the military with a “Morale, Welfare and Recreation” facility or hotel (similar to other facilities they have around the world) in a ski resort setting. This will be the only MIDA facility at a United States ski resort and will serve as a tribute to the men and women of our armed services.


To have a quality military recreation facility, the desire was to locate the hotel in a larger, master-planned development that provides a four-season recreation opportunity including skiing, fly-fishing, boating, hiking, mountain biking and golfing—the Mayflower project fulfills that expectation. The Resort Village will include restaurants, night clubs, spas and other amenities. 


Site Plan Facts:


The MWR will be located on approximately 6.4 acres (4.8 acres for the Hotel/Conference facility and 1.6 for the Air Force non-developed parcel).


Access will be off of the main entry into the project, Mayflower Village Road and it will be located adjacent to the ski beach proposed at the resort. 


Building Facts:

  • Gross development: 615,055 square feet

  • Hotel guestrooms: 388 guestrooms - 100 of which will be reserved for the Military at preferred pricing based on rank

  • Private for sale condominiums and residences: 55 residences

  • Parking Stalls: 267 underground; 11 street-parking stalls

  • Eight levels above grade and four levels below grade for a total of 12 floors

  • Approximately 75,000 square feet of commercial, military concierge, ballrooms, pre-conference and conference, restaurants, retail, coffee, sundries, and bar/tavern




Extell’s planning team intends to break ground in the summer of 2019 on the Morale Welfare Recreation Facility.  


MWR Design Consulting Team:

  • OZ Architecture, Denver, Colorado – MWR Hotel

  • Jacobsen Construction, Salt Lake City, Utah – Pre-con

  • Langvardt Design Group, Salt Lake City, Utah – Landscape Architect

  • Hunt Electric, Salt Lake City, Utah – Electrical Design

  • CCI, Salt Lake City, Utah – Mechanical Design

  • Dunn Engineering, Salt Lake City, Utah – Structural Engineering

  • Psomas Engineering, Salt Lake City, Utah – Civil Engineering

  • Fire Engineering, Salt Lake City, Utah – Fire Surpression

  • Welsh-Hagen Engineering, Reno, NV – Civil Engineering and Condominium Plan

  • Parr Brown, Salt Lake City, Utah – Entitlements, Code and Compliance

  • Lewis and Young, Salt Lake City, Utah – Bond Advisor

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